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With authentic content


As experienced creative professionals serving the general market, we’re also proud to serve as consultants on the Hispanic market.


Winner of a Milwaukee Business Journal 2021 Diversity in Business Award, Source TEN’s Mexican-born owner Sandra Dempsey has decades of experience marketing to Hispanic audiences. Our team will help interpret and transform your message to resonate with Hispanic viewers.

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How we can help you

Whether Hispanics are already your main clientele or you’re looking to connect with them as new customers, we can help. Our clients count on us to help communicate authentically with the Hispanic market.


We go beyond simply adding Spanish subtitles to videos. Instead, we help infuse your content with thoughtful cultural nuance, so the connection you build with Hispanic viewers is genuine.

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Why Hispanic marketing?

Hispanics value ads that are culturally relevant & authentic.

An estimated 64% of Hispanics say, “An ad that shows my culture is more likely to connect with me,” and 57% indicate “there should be more ads specifically made to resonate with the Hispanic community.”

In terms of ethnicity, Latinos represent the fastest-growing economic force in the U.S.

The purchasing power of U.S. Latinos is growing 70% faster than non-Latinos, demonstrating the importance of prioritizing this key market segment.

Inclusive, culturally literate marketing impacts purchasing decisions by Hispanic consumers and non-Hispanic consumers.

According to 71% of Hispanics, “If a brand makes an effort to include elements of my culture, I am more likely to think favorably of them or purchase their products. And of Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers surveyed, 50-75% say they “choose brands that make an effort to be diverse and inclusive in their communications.”

Video content is especially valued by Hispanics.

More Hispanic adults (85%) report using YouTube than nearly every other ethnic demographic, and 75% head to YouTube first “when they want to learn more about a product or service by watching a video.”

Hispanic millennials are more likely to interact with brands on social media.

Nearly 50% of Hispanic millennials report talking about a brand online, compared to just 17% of non-Hispanics. Marketing to the Hispanic market has a greater potential to cultivate informal digital ambassadors for your brand.

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